Days of Change

Day 364

November 3, 2009
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Ever wonder how the election of 2008 would have been different if John McCain’s and Sarah Palin’s positions on the ticket had been reversed? With her personality, her instincts and her outsider credentials, she would have won.

Sarah Palin would have won.

Tonight may or may not make Palin a kingmaker. NY-23 is too close to call. It also had about all the disadvantages the conservatives could get. The Republicans ignored conservative values. A third-party candidate stepped in with a short election cycle, and the GOP darling threw a tantrum and endorsed the Democrat in the final weekend. Still, Hoffman got 10% more support tonight than Scozzafava did in any poll this year.

Palin may be a dethroner. Besides Scozzafava, she knocked Chris Dagget’s 18% down to 6% with an ellipses. She is proving to be one of the few political conservatives who held elected office speaking out for those values.

The GOP has learned tonight that conservative principles are not losing issues. They still may not have learned they are winning ones. The Republican party can never hold enough RINOs in their big tent. They can get conservatives. They’ve done it before. They can start opening up that tent by throwing fat Newt out and embracing svelte Sarah.

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