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Day 362 – B – The Final Battle

November 1, 2009
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The Syfy channel is airing the two groundbreaking miniseries that made up the V saga in the 1980s. This was science fiction at it’s best, telling a familiar story in an entertaining way. At its heart, it was a story about the resistance that would not trade comfort for liberty.

It’s easy to be against a bunch of creepy lizards who want to eat all of mankind. It’s more difficult to look at a group of people with vastly superior technology offering to solve all your problems. The real question is what price would you pay for those gifts?

This was a question brought about over the kind of surveillance and confinement being used in the War on Terror. The connection to most Americans was tangential and the trade-off was safety. The people ultimately made voting decisions based on these issues.

What about now? We are being offered a country where the government “regulates” more than it ever has before. By regulate, they want to even out the highs and the lows with laws and government money taken from those who earn the most. Good or bad, the effect will be on almost all of us and the trade-off is the future.

The end of all tyrannies is revolution. That revolution can take dramatic form or just be an agent of change. What’s that line? Do you see the erosion of freedom as a call to action? Do you wait until you see the persecution of others or do you wait until your own persecution?

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