Days of Change

Day 361

October 31, 2009

NY-23 just got more interesting.¬†DeDe Scozzafava decided to “suspend” her campaign 4 days before the election. She went from being the frontrunner in a two person race to dead last in a 3 person race.

This is something of a non-story. Her biggest proponents were Newt Gingrich and the Daily Kos. Once conservative Republicans and independents learned about Doug Hoffman, her star fell fast.

If Hoffman wins, it gives a big boost to the independent, conservative, tea-party movement. He will be the first unaligned member of Congress elected since Joe Lieberman in 2006. The Daily Kos supported¬†Lieberman’s opponent, too. It also regains political clout to Sarah Palin, who did more in a Facebook post than the rest of the media to publicize Hoffman.

If Owens wins, it will be by default. He was billed as a blue dog Democrat and does not have a record to defend. There are over 400 members of Congress who will have to explain why the bills that passed were allowed. It will be the only lesson the Republican Party will get to change their ways and be on the side of the American people.

Three days to go.

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