Days of Change

Day 356 – Running on Empty

October 26, 2009

The public option is back. It looks more and more like the White House and Congressional leadership is trying to slap together the bill they want, hide it in thousands of pages of gibberish and pass it before the election results this year settle in.

This is what happens when you get a bunch of college rats in charge. They’re not in campaign mode, they’re in final exam mode. Stay up all night writing nonsense in a paper while┬áinhaling coffee and running on empty. Don’t worry about the next semester because next time, you’ll do it right.

Want to see that outline 72 hours before you turn in the paper? Sorry, the dog ate it. Can you condense that 1500 page document into a coherent abstract?┬áNope. It loses all the context and shading that way. Accused of lying about your transparency pledges? That’s just racism.

And people said Bush never had a real job.


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