Days of Change

Day 355

October 25, 2009

I was annoyed today when I heard talking heads completely misinterpreting what the White House is doing with their attack campaign. First, I realized they’re liars anyway. Then I realized that they don’t even know how to play the politics game anymore. They were missing a vital point because it didn’t track with White House spin.

There’s a difference between drinking the Kool-Aid and drinking Jackass’ bath water. For some, the former is a gateway drug to the latter. People drinking the Kool-Aid think that Jackass is being cautious but slow. They’re worried but they don’t know what to do about it. The bath water drinkers think he’s playing 11th dimensional chess and every “uhhhhh” he utters is filled with symbolism.

Back to the example. Today, a panel was discussing what the “wing nuts” are doing to the Republican Party. That’s the new insult term for conservatives because right-wing conservative and ultra-conservative never had the negative power “liberal” did. That is stupid. The Tea Party movement and the conservatives are not stumping for the Republicans. The races in NY and NJ prove that. A moderate Republican lost in 2008. The conservatives want to change the Republican Party, not prop it up as it is.

The blindness to this of Jackass’ minions shows what happens when you turn your followers into brainwashed slaves. They don’t help you in┬áthe brains department. This White House is already lacking in smarts, so it only makes it worse for them. They are waging war against something that isn’t there.

I’m not surprised. As thin-skinned as Jackass is, his pipsqueak Chief of Staff Rahmbo is far worse. He really only knows how to attack his opponents. Promoting his boyfriend in charge is not his comfort zone. Attacking the Republicans didn’t help, since they are scattered. Conservatives are a bigger target, but he’s using the wrong bait. Telling Glenn Beck, Hannity or Rush that the Republicans suck is like telling them the president sucks. They agree.

It’s the gang that can’t shoot straight in D.C.

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