Days of Change

Day 353

October 23, 2009
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Dick Cheney is no Newt Gingrich.

Newt is all about party, Cheney is about his beliefs. The rejection of the squishy values shown by the White House and Congress is why he’s more popular than Nancy Pelosi and gaining on Jackass.

Cheney is still defending his president while Jackass’ weak second is bumbling around putting us in a depression. He revealed that the current President is passing off the Bush administration’s work as his own, which makes a lot of sense given Jackass’ track record.

After the revelation, I heard a lot of vitriol toward Cheney. We all know what that means now. You have him. You’ve reached the soft underbelly with your remarks. Unlike the doofus in charge, Dick Cheney doesn’t whine about the networks not being real news. He knows it’s just a fact of life that they’re not. Sunlight is the disinfectant, Washington DC is the disease.

Shine the light, Dick.

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