Days of Change

Day 351

October 21, 2009
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I knew this was going to happen.

Oprah Winfrey’s empire has lost a lot of steam in the last year and some of that has to do with her embargo on Sarah Palin. Winfrey sided with being black over being a woman, even though her media empire is built on female empowerment.

Now that she lost the Olympics, her man in the White House is a dud and everyone in the country knows Chicago is a toilet, she’s decided to let Sarah be Sarah on Oprah.

My opinion since I predicted this is that Palin should take Oprah up on the offer, then just not show up on the day of the taping. She can put her response on Facebook instead. However, since she doesn’t have the┬ánasty streak her brain-dead detractors claim, Sarah will most likely be at the studio. Oprah will kiss her ass, as always.

Palin’s book is already #1 in pre-orders alone. A revolution has occurred in┬áthe publishing industry this year. So many crap books about Jackass came out that they all had lousy sales numbers. Well written conservative books have been at the top since early this year. There’s nothing Oprah loves more than to jump on the literary bandwagon, even if she doesn’t read the books.

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