Days of Change

Day 349 – You Suck, Barack!

October 19, 2009

I heard this week that Jackass went to war with Fox News because he takes everything said about him personally. The fact that he has idiots working for him who wouldn’t convince him against it also contributes. This has brought me to two conclusions.

First, Sarah Palin was dead on when she started to go on the offensive. McCain fell into the trap of praising Jackass when the Kool-Aid media asked leading questions. If he had shown even the level of willingness to point out his flaws that Hillary Clinton did during the primaries, this election might have turned out differently. Looking back, I see that “lipstick on a pig” was a way for Jackass to blow off steam after initial stings from Palin. Had that continued, it might have broken his creepy veneer.

Second, I resolve to make insulting personal attacks against the Jackass in the White House whom I refer to by the name Jackass. I make this not because I am a petty loser, but because the president is a petty loser. George Bush (and more so Dick Cheney) could care less about what idiots in the media said about him. They did it to make themselves feel good and to score political points. Since Jackass is so thin-skinned as to take personally the entirely accurate statements about his lack of ability, preparation or effectiveness as president, it is my duty to steer him toward doing the right thing by negative reenforcement. I wonder if comments about his lack of sexual prowess would also help in this regard. It probably wouldn’t hurt.

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