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Day 348 – There Oughta Be a Law

October 18, 2009
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I think everyone has thought at some time that there should be a law to prevent something or other from happening. Civil laws are not like the laws of nature, however. They have to be enforced. Then those laws have to be interpreted. After all that, maybe those laws will be followed. When your role in the Constitution is to write the laws, the best way to look like you’re working is to write laws. Thanks to shortsighted and unreasonable people, there is no shortage of laws that people want written.

America still has the most freedom of any country in the world. Most of it is due to culture and financial opportunity, but there are also laws that make freedom easier. We are very quickly reaching the point of that “culture war” Pat Buchanan mentioned in 1992. Are we deciding that this country is a model for the way we should all live or are we simply behind the curve in global development? Every example I’ve seen and every instinct I have tells me not to follow the other countries off some cliff.

Health Care Insurance Mandate Reform represents that fastest way to turn this country into every other country. It’s a tax and spend bill in the purest form. The taxes start in 2011 and the massive spending start in 2013. While the laws may be put in effect, there will be no laws enforcing the promises of these laws. Could there be a public option? Sure. Will it replace health insurance companies?¬†Almost certainly. Will a “public option” become impossible to avoid? Eventually. Will this cost more than Washington says it will? Absolutely.

There oughta be a law against lawmakers.

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