Days of Change

Day 346 – The Quick and the Dead

October 16, 2009

Sometimes you just can’t keep a coalition together.

On the plus side, Democrats are facing all out destruction in 2010. Blue dogs (red state Democrats, which is not really the same thing) are worried about pissing off their constituents beyond the breaking point which may lead to a Senate battle on Health Care Insurance Enforcement.

On the negative side, the anti-Jackass crowd is so large and varied, it may split into two camps, neither with enough votes to beat Democratic incumbents. New York has a race now where the Republican is so liberal that she’s endorsed by the Working Families Party. That’s the ACORN Party, by the way. The Conservative Party of New York had to field a candidate. Now, both of them are polling below the Democrat. We may see more races where an incumbent wins with 35% of the vote.

Then there’s New Jersey. Chris Daggett is being boosted by low negatives and newspaper endorsements. He’s the independent candidate. Chris Christie is apparently being considered only on the basis of his weight by opponents. Sleazeball Jon Corzine, of course, is now polling ahead of the other 2. I call it the support of the quick and the dead. The quick are those sharp newspaper people who realize that Corzine is toxic and the only way to keep a Democrat in office is to support the spoiler. The dead are the ones who think they can get a candidate at 20% in the polls to 40% in two weeks. Frankly, they’d need the dead to vote for success.

In about 3 weeks I will reach one year of blogging. If I see a lot of default Democratic wins next month, I’m going to become very unpopular with my few regular commenters. I’ll devote my next year to belittling the third party and tea party movement and shilling for the Republicans. I’ll be forced to do what McCain should have done in 2008.

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