Days of Change

Day 345

October 15, 2009
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I’m not entirely sure how to evaluate Rush Limbaugh’s troubles with the NFL. He obviously does not need defending. Much worse people like Nazi collaborator George Soros is part of the same group and his bid is still in play.

I think that maybe the Soros angle is the only one I can add to. I’ve seen some speculation that the group paying for the Levi Johnston ads for pistachios is owned by a major Democratic donor. Soros basically owns the Democratic Party and made a lot of money short selling before last year’s crash, much like bin Laden before 9/11. If he wanted this deal to go through, he would have put more effort behind this.

So, we are left with the possibility that this is a plan to embarrass enemy #1 or #2 (depending on Glenn Beck) on Jackass’ hit list. This death by a thousand cuts is brutal, classless and pretty desperate. It is also hilariously outdated.

Taking out Rush or O’Reilly is just silly. They are not at the forefront. Even Glenn Beck is backed up by the likes of Andrew Breitbart with his access to undercover ACORN videos. While Joe the Plumber was savaged, how will Soros and his band of morons take out millions of voters determined by disastrous health care reform? A $250 bribe sure won’t do it.

I suggest Rush invest in Ford Motor Company. It is benefitting from the disgusted people from the GM/Chrysler bailout. I know as a Chevy owner my next car will be a Ford.

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