Days of Change

Day 343

October 13, 2009
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I love Morgan Brittany. I always thought she was absolutely gorgeous. It makes me very happy to see her on Hannity’s show adding a conservative viewpoint contrary¬†to the cacophony of liberal voices in Hollywood. Being conservative in the entertainment media has been a disadvantage for years. Only recently has there been a small conservative entertainment structure coming to light.

Hollywood and Washington have taken the gloves off now. Supporting child¬†molesters and show hosts who joke about the rape of opponents’ daughters while sexually harassing their employees is now the norm. Media working for the government is perfectly moral. They’re speaking power to truth, trying to push down the nagging voices of the rest of the country.

We are damned lucky that the idiots in Washington have no idea how to bend. It’s that much easier for them to break. Ramming health care through, mocking their constituents in town halls, promoting a presidential candidate who does not have the minimum intellectual competence for the job have all made the job of taking them out much easier.

Hillbuzz has a great piece about their transition from thinking any president would do what Bush did on 9/11 to realizing the current president would have surrendered the next day. Conservatives have often felt that unvarnished liberalism was no match for honest conservatism. This may be the first time in a generation we can prove this rule.

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