Days of Change

Day 342

October 12, 2009
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Big Brother has increased the chocolate ration from 20 to 15 grams.

With the cries of anti-Americanism after the Olympic fail and the charges of supporting terrorists by questioning the Nobel Prize, I await the next ridiculous statement of fact-less opinion perpetuated by the White House and the willingness of the media to believe it. Today that statement would be Fox News not being a real news network. I wonder how far they could go with these missives? Is the sky green tomorrow? Will water be dry? How will Olbermann shape information to justify it?

I’ve had about enough of this Fox bashing. For the most part, I have to suck it up when I read the otherwise reasonable PUMA blogs. Some have seen the error of their ways. Others just hate all the news networks. Fox is supposedly right-wing and that’s the way it is.

Here’s the problem. No one is unbiased. The closest you can get is to offer two opposing sides of an issue. None of that is on MSNBC prime time. Little of it is in CNN prime time. Just about every Fox show has it. It’s the famous “fair and balanced” approach.

On any given day, media outlets will rehash the same story. Fox breaks from this ubiquity more often that others. They were let in on the ACORN videos because of their previous reporting on ACORN. Every other network decided it wasn’t a story. To this day, the networks don’t consider it a story. Reality would argue otherwise.

This is purely about not liking what Fox reports. They air stories that are completely ignored by other media, which is the worst kind of bias. The White House is taking on Fox News because they shined the light on ACORN and ruined one of the Democrats’ revenue streams.

What the White House won’t say is that they are post-news. The president can go on TV and frame the debate in any way he chooses without media intervention. He’s even shown on Fox News. The previous criticism is that the Fox television network, with only twice the viewership of Fox News, chooses not to air these low-rated events.  The truth is that Fox television has no time to offer critical analysis of the president’s words while Fox News spends the whole night on that task. They’d rather get the uncritical treatment.

How dare Fox News question their propaganda?

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