Days of Change

Day 337

October 7, 2009
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Health care is going to be the showdown. The $829 billion “bargain” is completely unbelievable. That plan cuts Medicare, fines people who can’t afford insurance and has no alternative other than the insurance industry. Only Max Baucus (and his corporate masters) like this bill.

The “fix” for liberals would be to add universal coverage, a government option, or some kind of exchange where government decides how sick or well you get to be. Any of those solutions will cost a lot more than the supposedly deficit-neutral Baucus plan.

Three more things have to happen. The Senate has to pick 1 out of the 4 bills and pass it. The House has to pass their bill. They have to write ANOTHER bill that’s exactly the same in both houses and then they need 50-60 votes in the Senate. Since Congress works a whopping 2.5 days per week, this has no chance of passage until after the November elections. If the Republicans sweep the few major elections this year, this thing will never pass.

Pass the popcorn.

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