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Day 335 – Saturday Night Jive

October 5, 2009
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The other shoe hasn’t dropped yet.

So far, what happened was a sort of citizen revolt in the summer where people were sick of their representatives and let them know their jobs were in danger. Jackass fell to about 50% in opinion polls and Congress is somewhere in the basement in their polling. This is basically where we stand. We’re at a stalemate.

These are the times where it’s tough to just watch, so each side spins every little story into a turning point. The biggest example of this lately is the bid for the 2016 Olympics in Chicago. I didn’t much care, but when I read Hillbuzz and how a Chicagoan framed it, I saw the potential for economic damage to the city and the awful way the Jackass, Oprah and the corrupt Mayor Daley were pushing this through to enrich their cronies, I was happy for them that it went to Rio.

I think some people made too much out of Jackass’ loss in front of the similarly corrupt IOC. It took some steam out of his sense of entitlement, but it didn’t slow down the Health Care Deficit Enhancement Bill. What’s funnier is that Democratic talking points (i.e. MSNBC) use this as a way to paint conservatives as un-American. What the hell is un-American about not wanting a state to lose more money funding an international sporting event?

Now we have Saturday Night Live. Over a year after Jackass went on SNL as himself (meaning stiff and unfunny) and nearly a year after Sarah Palin was savaged by the show, they made a rather subtle criticism of the president. I think most presidential critics saw this more as SNL actually trying something different rather than substantive political satire.

The message, frankly, is ridiculous. Jackass is a big failure because he didn’t enact the kind of liberal measures the writers of SNL expected from him. The truth is that he bamboozled them like he did with Peggy Noonan and other conservatives. The people who voted for Jackass believed the lies they wanted to and believed everything else he said was a convenient lie. In fact, he told inconvenient truth. He said what he said to get elected, and told the truth about little of it. It turns out, that like everything else since the beginning of time, actions speak louder than just words.

Glenn Beck put it best when he said this is an attempt by liberals to show they are keeping score and they will “Sarah Palin” the president if he doesn’t grant their wish list. It’s very cute that the liberal arts community thinks they can pressure him, but he doesn’t actually have the ability to do anything. He’s just a pipeline for idiot radicals to get into the White House.

Oh, and the next shoe to drop will be the election this November.

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