Days of Change

Day 334

October 4, 2009
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Lydia Cornell is a hard core progressive now. Even though her bio talks about her books and articles and radio show, I just think of her as the dumb daughter from “Too Close for Comfort.”

Celebrity is a weird thing. Does the artistic community gravitate toward liberalism because of their own artistic nature or does the political atmosphere become an echo chamber for that brand of politics?

Celebrity crossed over into reality with two stories this week. First, a disturbing number of film people railed against the idea that a child rapist fugitive from justice might have to face that justice. Then there was irrelevant talk show host David Letterman’s revelation that he used his power to have sex with his female employees. Letterman did nothing illegal. However, he proved Sarah Palin right, yet again.

Politics is still a game to win. To me, it has always been much more exciting than sports. In what sport can 200 million people participate at one time? The politics and cronyism of “Hollywood” have proved stronger than the feminism of many of its inhabitants. After Lydia Cornell lost her looks, she went on a Naomi Wolf path of blaming men for keeping women down. She should talk to Polanski supporters like Whoopi Goldberg and Debra Winger. Or maybe, she can talk to some Letterman guests.

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