Days of Change

Day 333

October 3, 2009

Why did people vote for this guy? Sometimes I can’t put it any plainer. He has a 50% approval rating (maybe) but he has an approval index of -11. That means about 30% of people strongly approve of his job so far. They’re hopeless. So, what happened to the other people who don’t support him now? Were they that stupid to fall for the lies? Were they voters who stayed home? Was ACORN that good at delivering fake votes?

Since the Stimulus we have had single party gridlock. The yellow dog / blue dog split is the direct result of the kind of coalition necessary to get that many Democrats into office. If it looks bad now, wait until Congressmen calculate their 2010 chances. I don’t really want anything to come out of Congress, but how long can we have a president asleep at the switch?

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