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Day 332 – From “I Won” to “I Lost” in 330 Easy Days

October 2, 2009
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This was a triple witching day for the Jackass. Not only was the job report abysmal and the stock market fell yet again to pre-election levels, but his Chicago mob lost a highly publicized bid for the Olympics in 2016.

The ACORN blackout media has been trying to spin this as a Schadenfreude fueled celebration by right wingers who hope he fails. If that were the case, it would say something very bad about the opponents of the administration, cheering economic losses and human misery. The problem is, we no longer have to hope. It’s the change we’re getting now.

These events are not calamities that have randomly befallen the White House. They are the direct result of the president’s actions. All we can really say to this is “I told you so.” Jackass forced the Stimulus through with the promise that the unemployment rate would not rise above 8%. Maybe he meant 9.8% but it’ll probably go higher than that as well. He claimed to jump start the economy with Cash for Clunkers, but now auto sales have dropped another 40% year over year for GM.

In some ways, though, the Olympics hurt the most. Jackass spent a lot of time trying to be the smart girl in the UN playing dumb so the boys will like him. He went on the apology tour. He celebrated the dictators and killers of the world by honoring the murderous Chinese Communist revolution and the Islamists trying to devolve the world to the stone age. When America becomes just another country in the world, don’t expect the world to give you better treatment.

In one month, a series of smaller elections will take place. If the Democrats are taken down at every turn, the ones in Congress may get the message. If there’s another election like the one that elected (ACORN supporter) Kirsten Gillibrand, look for more of the same. I’d rather stop him than look back at the country’s failures.

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