Days of Change

Day 331

October 1, 2009
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Everything in the universe operates on cycles. We have economic booms and busts. Culture shifts from conservative to liberal. Societies go from liberty to tyranny.

The big picture is one reason why I’m conservative. The liberals I’ve seen in politics try to force order with laws, with taxes and manipulation. Conservatives tend to direct the forces of nature instead of pound them into submission. Ultimately, this is why the two parties in power don’t work.

Republicans and Democrats try to prove their worth by writing laws.¬†After over¬†200 years more laws are written per year than at the start of the Republic. Shouldn’t we have regulated everything that needs regulation by now? For centuries, people in power have tried to make prosperity last forever. They’ve tried to eliminate crime. They’ve tried to put a chicken in every pot. These things are beyond the power of government.

Political parties exist to justify their existence. The Founding Fathers preferred the idea of hundreds of independent citizens making laws based on their and their community’s enlightened self interest. They would return to that community soon enough. Now, we have party hacks with lifetime terms.

Now, the pendulum will swing away from the party in power. For all my talk of independence, I know the only way to bring balance right now is to install the other side into Congress. This is not a capitulation. There is a simple solution in any elected office. Hold them accountable. Regardless of party, if we hold those people accountable, if we remember their actions for 2,4 or 6 years then we can mold the government we want.

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