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Day 169 | April 22, 2009

In 2005, celebrity interviewer Neil Strauss wrote a book called “The Game” about the Pick-Up Artist community. The art is the ability of these men to emulate the style of ladies’ men who are able to talk a number of women into bed. Strauss’ book quickly became autobiographical when he turned into an admired pick-up artist and addicted to the rush of getting women to hookup with him with little effort. The book ended with him falling for the one woman who was immune to his “game.”

Except that a few years later, he had broken up with this woman and plunged full-time into the world of picking up random women and teaching others how to do it. The techniques are all about creating interest and excitement. The pick-up artists themselves also become addicted to the lifestyle and have less chance of having a real romantic relationship.

Time magazine reported this week that Obama has a number of behaviorists since the time of the campaign working to convince people of the Obama brand. These experts are trying to pick up voters and citizens of this country using hackneyed, yet effective, psychological tactics.

One method was to explain that everyone is voting this year. But this wasn’t said about ALL voters, just Obama supporters and “young” people. I mentioned this about a week ago. Voting for Obama was “cool” and voting for McCain was uncool.

While pick-up and politics may be different, there is very little difference with Obama as a pick-up candidate. The first thing a pick-up artist does is to get a woman’s attention and then walk away. This is important as it leaves her wanting more and gives one less of a chance to make an ass of himself. Except for Obama’s “inspiring story” we know very little about him. It creates a false positive image of him.

Another technique of the pick-up artist is AMOG. This is a way to appear as the alpha male of group and marginalize male competition. AMOGing is important, since a natural leader (like John McCain) has more authority than a regular male. What stood out to me was the TARP bailout. McCain tried to use shame and responsibility to get Obama to join him in suspending the campaign to “fix” the bill. But shame is something you put behind when you’re gaming people. The fake alpha male makes the beta males think he’s the alpha. It’s style over substance.

Another catch phrase in pick up is kino escalation. The idea is that using kinesthetic touching creates a sense of intimacy. Ever wonder why Obama excessively touches people who interview him? Obama seems to thrive on the adoration of people, not their respect or agreement. He lets other people make policy, then takes credit or heaps blame as needed.

Strauss’ own message board has a high opinion of Obama’s game. Pick-up artists are as susceptible to psychological manipulation as they are at using it. Expectedly, they don’t think much of Sarah Palin. She is bad at gaming people. She says what she believes. She gets visibly angry at people like Katie Couric instead of AMOGing her. She’s real and the last thing you want in pick-up is to be real.

The reality is that a guy who has even a little ability to think on his feet can pick up women. However, there is always a barrier between fascination and adoration that will likely not be crossed in the relationship. Most women will not be picked up by technique alone, but even a small improvement in dating will have an effect. It only took 6% of voters to change the balance.


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  1. Great post! As a partial-psych major, I admit I have been interested in the complete brainwashing going on since the election season. I will no longer read Newsweek, so I appreciate you summarizing the article and Strauss’ work! Obama’s team truly are masters at what they do…..if I have to admire them for anything, I guess it would be that. ugh. Let’s hope the “relationship” part kills it for these hopeychangy admirers….

    Comment by gagirl — April 22, 2009 @ 7:34 pm

  2. This sort of points out the difference between the one you date and the one you marry. With an 80%+ approval rating among self-identified Democrats, their infactuation for Obama is sterngthened by negative opinions by opponents. This is why he implied the “torture memo” lawyers may be prosecuted. If he ever loses his base, he will no longer be “cool” among his core group and his approval will collapse.

    Comment by 1539days — April 22, 2009 @ 8:30 pm

  3. Right on target here. Obama is also cheating on his supporters since being selected (how much you wanna bet Mr. Pickup was cheating on the woman he “fell” for?), beating them regularly, and making damn sure the neighbors know he’s in charge. Guess it’s all part of the AMOG treatment.

    Obviously one thing Strauss obviously didn’t count on was his inability to hold a woman – something I think Obama is beginning to discover.

    Comment by Grail Guardian — April 24, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

  4. I wish all the people who fell for Obama whould’ve just had a cold shower instead.

    Comment by imustprotest — April 24, 2009 @ 8:04 pm

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