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What Do Hamas and South Americans Have in Common?

July 18, 2014
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A number of ‘compassionate’ conservatives are coming out now in the crisis of minors crossing the border and ending up on the Southern border. Some want to hand out prizes toys to the MS-13 gang members human trafficked child prostitutes children, others want to make everyone legal. This looks a lot like compassion, but it’s the same crap that happened in the 1980s when we gave amnesty to illegal aliens already in the US under the condition that this would stop.

Frankly, these kids (and a lot of adults) are the human shields of pro-amnesty forces. Much like Hamas, the left has figured out that their opposition is incapacitated by the idea of hurting children. Obviously, we should do our best to offer aid and comfort. The problem is that our temporary kindness is encouraging the cruelty of sending an unloved minor hundreds or thousands of miles to the US.

What we should be doing is demanding some pro-quo for our quid. First of all, Obama needs to rescind that Executive Order making minors in the US impervious to INS scrutiny. Whatever theoretical good it does is outweighed by the way the rule becomes a permiso for any kid who make sit to US soil. We also need comprehensive border security, because we’ll never know what the demand is for guest workers until we can actually determine the supply.

Right now, we’re encouraging putting kids to death and in danger. Handing out some soccer balls and teddy bears to the winners who didn’t die on the way here isn’t going to fix anything.

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Foreign Policy Was Romney’s Strength

July 17, 2014
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Firemen are sexier than Smokey the Bear because they put out fires rather than preventing them.

After 9/11, there were criticisms of Condolezza Rice being Secretary of State due to the fact she was an expert on the Soviet Union which had dissolved and not on Middle East terror. The assumption was that Mother Russia was unlikely to rear its ugly head in the future. Given current events, the lack of any major conflicts involving Russia and the United States during Bush’s term might lend to the idea that Russia and former Soviets do matter. Plus, Afghanistan was heavily influenced by the proxy war that went on there between the Soviets and the US in the 1980s.

In 2008, there was a sense that a Romney campaign would be strong on economics and be managed with expert precision. The reality was that neither was done particularly well. The Obama campaign made this 47% crap a focus of their campaign and blunted Romney’s effectiveness on economics. For his part, Romney fell down on running a large campaign. They made expensive last-minute ad buys, failed to target the millions of disgruntled Obama voters and relied on an unproven technology on Election Day that at best would have been ineffective.

The memes about Romney being right about everything mostly focus on the fact that Obama’s crappy foreign policy toward Russia and the Middle East coupled with souring relations between long-time allies, has made America basically impotent. Russia is the other superpower. China is large but economically dependent on the United States. The Middle East is vast, but mostly presents a problem because the countries are run by theocratic savages. Russia, however, needs the US out of the way and is making deals with China and the Arab world to make that happen.

It looks like Russian separatists in Ukraine shot down a Malaysian passenger aircraft just because they could. They are now the biggest force in terrorism, making a large swath of airspace unusable to make things difficult for Russia. Obama has already proved himself impotent in this conflict and can only stand back and criticize. Of course, we can leave this internal conflict to Russia because we don’t care about them. We had better hope we don’t need them, like when Russia let us fly military aircraft through their air space after 9/11.

Maybe Condolezza Rice was right about everything.

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Wet Behind the Ears

July 16, 2014
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I do appreciate journalists like Jake Tapper. He was even-handed in the 2008 Election even though ABC was literally a pipeline for other reporters to go to the White House. He moved to CNN where he is an island of reporting in a sea of grievance anchors. Still, traditional media limits his ability to do stories. Look what happened to Sheryl Attkisson at CBS.

Fox, on the other hand, is fertile ground for reporting. Yesterday, Wendell Goler was able to lead neophyte press secretary Josh Earnest into talking about the various ‘photo-ops’ Obama claimed not to be interested in. I imagine the White House must dread having to deal with real questions whenever they call on a Fox reporter.

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Throwback Tuesday

July 15, 2014

I’m going to take a break from Jackass tonight to write about what people really love: reality TV.

If I watch reality television, I usually get pulled into it against my better judgement. I tend toward remodeling and home renovation, but I’ll watch the shows with people trapped in a house, too. I also see tat “Ice Road Truckers” is back. By far, the most embarrassing must-watch for me is now “Married at First Sight.”

Since A&E stopped producing the show “Biography,” the Biography Channel has kind of suffered for content and identity. This month is was re-branded as “fyi,” with a lot of shows you can find on other channels. The most unusual is “Married at First Sight.” The premise is that a set of “experts” choose from a pool of people who are willing to be married off sight unseen and pair them up. Out of 50 people, they decided on three matches. The couples do not meet until their wedding, are contractually obligated to stay on the show for 4 weeks and have to get a divorce if it doesn’t work out.

The reality of the show is pretty suspect. One of the people has been on “The Bachelor,” for example. Still, the concept is interesting. In America, we don’t really arrange marriages. Some cultures do, especially where life is less comfortable and marriage is an important economic condition. Even though arranged marriages have a surprisingly high success rate, some of that may be due to the consequences of dissolving those kind of marriages.

Then again, the idea of people self selecting their soul mate from across a crowded room is demonstrably silly. People get together for many reasons, but there are factors that make a relationship more likely. Most people marry someone geographically close to them, even when they look online. Some were in the same high school. Some people meet through their existing relationships with friends. Other people get together at work. That’s how my parents met.

Besides the factors of location and social circles, plain proximity can have an effect. Experiments have shown that a man and a woman who share a small secret rate the other as more attractive than ones who are just part of a social experiment. What interests me is this “reality” show isn’t that real, but it is creating a shared experience between two people. That can sometimes be all it takes.


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The Energizer

July 14, 2014
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As the federal government tries to weaponize illegal aliens by busing them around the country, protests by citizens of the dumping grounds are forming to stop them. Now that another city has protested the dumping, I’d like to write something for the record. Currently, the leftists are claiming that protests like in Murrieta are isolated racists. In a few weeks when these protests become widespread, they will lie and claim that this is an organized effort by Republicans, is AstroTurf and probably has something to do with the Koch brothers, when they’re not donating to hospitals or creating union jobs.

When the Obama administration does something heinous and the GOP is on the verge of helping, protests start. The Tea Party started as a direct result of the Stimulus. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 passed on February 17, 2009 with the help of Republicans Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Just two days later, Rick Santelli gave his famous speech about a new Tea Party. The first rally was a week later. It took only days for Democrats to feed the “AstroTurf” meme to Nancy Pelosi.

The slightly good news is that people on main street are seeing the result of Obama’s policies and are reacting to them. Ultimately, he is the energizer of grassroots action more than some money from some Republican front groups. The timing couldn’t have been much better, either. There are only 4 months until the Congressional elections and winning the Senate is going to be a battle for the Republican Party. Even though they suck, I’ll still take them over Obama.

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Who Wants to be a Citizen?

July 13, 2014

Remember when Obama used his phone and pen to write an Executive Order that told INS not to deport any minor who was in the country illegally. This was promoted as keeping valedictorians and honors students from being deported because they were dragged to the US by their parents when they were toddlers. In the English to Spanish dictionary this means that sending your minor child to the US means no immigration hearing. Either Obama was stupid and didn’t look at the consequences of his actions or he is an evil genius who is manipulating a potential group of Democrats. I still vote for stupid.

Since Obama has no intention of rescinding any of his legal disasters, we need to make it clear through action that these people can’t stay. All we have now is empty rhetoric. Right now we have a sort of reality show “Who Wants to be a Citizen” where illegals compete in physical challenges like being crammed into a truck or holding on to the top of a moving train. They also have to dodge kidnappings, sex trafficking and pedophiles along the way. If this were a TV show, it couldn’t stay on the air, no matter how high the ratings. Since it’s not on camera, it continues day after day. Too bad everyone ends up losing.

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Fake But Accurate: The Movie

July 12, 2014
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I’ve written many times about the 2004 National Guard story from CBS News and 60 Minutes. Two memos were the documented evidence of George W. Bush’s commanding officer’s concerns about his spotty attendance and non-appearance for a physical when Bush served in the National Guard. Bloggers looked at PDF images of the memos faxed to 60 Minutes and noticed something interesting. Without much forensic investigation, someone realized that the 1960s memo had the same font and spacing as a modern Microsoft Word document. The variable spacing is something only available in expensive printing machines for books or modern computers. Typewriters don’t “know” which letters are coming next and can’t adjust the spacing.

Dan Rather and CBS tried to dispute the allegations, but slowly discovered that their source was a political enemy of Bush and could not actually produce a real memo. 60 Minutes went on to bring on other Democrats in Texas who made similar claims without physical evidence. After that weak attempt failed, CBS cut their losses, firing Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes. Rather tried to ignore the incident and moved on in his career. Mapes made the memos her career. Now, her book is being made into a movie where the heroic journalistic team proved W was a lazy bastard with interviews done after they accepted a document sight unseen.

Hollywood loves getting their side of a story on the record in film, whether it is accurate or not. There was Fair Game, the Valerie Plame movie that didn’t even make back the price of the film stock used to show it. I suspect this movie may make even less. That event was a decade in the past and Bush hasn’t been president in almost 6 years. His predecessor and successor have even thinner military stories. It is very much a part of the past even most liberals don’t want to revisit. I won’t see the movie, but I will enjoy revisiting the story. Conservatives found a happy ending in it.

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The Broken Window

July 11, 2014

Liberals and liberal economists (who are basically bad economists) like to tout the idea of Keynesian economics as a panacea for any economic problem. In reality, Keynes only suggested the government use spending (deficit and otherwise) to spur new economic activity, not to create it. The United States deficit spends so much that taking it away, even in a booming economy, would put us into a recession. Instead of being stimulative, government spending is a drug where overdose or withdrawal are the pending options.

One of the ways conservatives counter make-work government spending as a solution is with the broken window theory. Economic activity is great when people are making and buying things, but liberals think economic activity is also great when someone is paid to dig a hole and fill it back up because they get a paycheck that will go into the economy. Poor people who get more food stamps are not savers and the government money goes right into the economy, according to Democratic Party leadership.

If a storm breaks a window, the owner has to spend money (from savings or insurance) to someone to fix the window. The installer also pays for the raw materials to fix a window. Now those people have money to buy other things. This is also why World War II likely ended the Great Depression. The military assets owned by the government were used and other parts had to be made. Job seekers had many opportunities and households made more money. Important things were produced and people got work.

Now, if jobs only exists to provide a paycheck and not a service, does creating work with no product have a positive effect? If two neighbors break each other’s windows (let’s assume through innocent baseball playing) and pay for each other’s repairs, does that double the economic activity? Paul Krugman suggested that an alien attack would be good for the economy because we would need to rebuild. Or we could just break everyone’s windows.

The White House reported a potentially low budget deficit of $580 billion for this year. I’m rather incredulous, since that’s about as much as the service on the 17 trillion-dollar debt. The budget would have to be internally balanced for those figures to be accurate. Part of the BS seems to be that, once again, they are predicting big cuts and large economic growth in the last 2-3 years of a 10 years baseline. They’re also using figures like 2-3% growth when it is likely we’ll be below 1% this year.

I look forward to the day that number is revised as publicly than the crowing announcement about a lower deficit. An alien will probably break my window before that happens.

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July 10, 2014

The 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. The host city is actually inconsequential. It doesn’t even increase the chances of the state going for a presidential candidate and picking the wrong city (like Tampa in 2012 or the DNC in 1968 Chicago) can lead to disaster. I would like to see the GOP hold the convention nowhere and everywhere at once, as a virtual event, but that won’t happen.

Conventions are part of a process where primaries replaced proverbial smoke-filled back rooms for candidate selection. Democrats essentially threw out primary votes in 2008 by using superdelegates to anoint Barack Obama. The modern presidential convention is a party and a show. It’s a reward to delegates, party hacks who got their position through being good political soldiers. They get to party down for a week, having to show up for a vote on the last night.

I’m sure the Republicans are hoping to excite Ohioans enough to get the state to swing their way. That’s too bad, because Cleveland would be a good object lesson in how much Democrats can screw up a city. I laughed out load at these “tourism” videos on YouTube for the city. Language warning for the sensitive.


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IMproving PEACHes for MEN Today

July 9, 2014

It seems even Fox News’ graphics department is squeamish about creating Impeachment banners. Red Eye’s solution was to create a segment called IMPROVING PEACHES FOR MEN TODAY with strategically highlighted letters. Red Eye has been satirizing the left’s claims that Fox is trying to take down President Obama by Greg Gutfeld’s constant suggestions that everything the president does is worthy of impeachment.

What’s interesting now is that the term impeachment is getting more exposure. I think Sarah Palin’s recent talk of presidential impeachment is not intended to give the House the notion of an impeachment hearing, but to give light to the idea that Obama has actually committed impeachable offenses.

The Democrats knew that Impeachment was off the table for George W. Bush, even when they gained the House and Senate. They could hold a hearing and possibly get a majority vote, but it would take 2/3 to convict him and expel him from office, something that was impossible. They didn’t even have the moral authority to stop Bush’s plan in Iraq, especially when he fired Donald Rumsfeld the day after GOP losses in Congress. Clinton’s impeachment in the House only emboldened the president because he loved to play Chicken and win.

Much like with Bush, a public debate about what Obama could be impeached over is something that can only be bad for the White House. There is a laundry list of bad actions, lies, misrepresentations, stonewalling, incompetence, graft and malice for a half decade. The fact that no one scandal has destroyed this administration is due to a compliant media and a level of overload that reminds me of a Simpsons episode (S11 E12) where Mr. Burns learns he has so many diseases fighting each other than no singe one of them can get the chance to kill him.

Obama’s ability to do new damage is almost nil. His ability to create new damage from old actions is going strong and his opposition needs to strike now while his leadership, if not his office, is impeachable.

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